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I'm a 21-year-old black chick trying to live healthfully as a poor college kid and inspire others to do the same! Look here for motivation, nutrition and fitness tips, and body love from a Nutrition Science student!


Power Teen. Suzanne Svanevik

Chocolate: Raw nuts/seeds.
Oily/Fatty Snacks: Kale, leafy greens.
Soda/Carbonated Drinks: Actual, literal bubbles.
Chips/Salty Food: Topsoil.
Cookies: Freudian psychology.
Sweet Tea: A strong Southern gentleman to take care of you.
Pasta/Carbs: Pasta/Carbs.
Ice: The sweet release of death.



there’s literally no point in teaching girls to be body positive if you only use men’s opinions for validation like “boys like girls with curves” nah get that the fuck out of here